Why Recruitment Teams Need ROB

There is a lot of misperception about recruitment. Some fail to see the value and feel forced into fee agreements to maintain depth in their talent pool but as recruiters we know the pain, the hard work and time we spend canvassing our databases, speaking with potential candidates and then after all is said and done following up with candidates we placed either collecting their timesheets so that they are paid or making sure the job we placed them in is what the client said it would be.  This is where we come in to help save the day.  

The most valuable commodity that recruiters need is time.  If we had time to speak with the candidates that count, sending clients candidates that are an exact fit and fulling more roles to make our managers happy then,  well, all would be right in the world.  We get the needs of recruiters at Robo and ROB has been developed to give you a new platform in which to manage your candidate / client communications.  Let me explain how...

ROB is integrated into a platform to launch BOT communications to your candidate base. We give you the ability to carry on hundreds even thousands of conversations simultaneously.   We look at searches as campaigns where you launch ROB to candidates for a specific purpose: renew an old contact, ask for referrals, onboard your contractors, collect timesheets...whatever.  We also give you the ability to craft custom scripts and manage the "heavy lifting" of recruitment admin the work that takes you away from speaking with candidates that matter and making placements with your clients.  

Our platform then takes it steps further.  As you use ROB as your own personal researcher to manage multiple simultaneous conversations he has been programmed to provide you with the data that you need to create real-time call lists so that your work is focused and you get more done.  

We are super excited to launch ROB.  At the same time if you are interested in learning more or let's face it - looking to join our Recruitment Revolution - get in touch with us today.  We would love to hear from you!  

All the best Team Robo