Optimizing your ATS with Chatbots


Finding and engaging with the right candidates at the right time, through the right channel can be a tough task.

When looking to fill an open role or building your talent pipeline for future hires, many recruitment professionals will immediately go out and scan job boards and Social Media sites for these candidates forgetting about the wealth of talent sitting within their ATS.

A few reasons why a recruiter may adopt this approach are below:

  • Quality of data in the ATS

  • The time it can take to search, filter & create a list of potential candidates

  • The tools I have available to me to then communicate to these candidates quickly and effectively

However, Chatbots like RoboRecruiter are designed to help with this challenge and ensure that Recruitment Teams get the most out of their existing data. 

Most ATS will have the ability for you to easily be able to get a view of the candidates you have not been in touch with over the last 6 months without having to do in depth searching.

Once you have this pool of potential candidates this is where a RoboRecruiter would step in. The Chatbot can communicate out to the candidates in this pool over messaging platforms which these candidates are using every day, such as Facebook Messenger or SMS.

By using messaging platforms to engage with candidates, Recruiters can determine which Candidates are available now, relevant to the role and ready to engage in opportunities.

Through this increased engagement Recruiters are seeing the following results:

  • Reduction in time spent sifting through candidates

  • More valuable conversations with the right candidates at the right time

  • A refreshed ATS with up to date Candidate data

So, before you go out to the web to look for that golden candidate or consider changing your ATS, think about the data you already have and how best to engage with them today.


Lee Godwin -Key Account Manager

Lee has been providing Talent Management solutions to organisations across the globe for over 10 years.  In recent years this has been very much focused around the staffing sector, with the aim of helping agencies to grow through successful recruitment technology adoption. Lee lives just outside of London and likes to spend time watching Tottenham Hotspur.