Why Every Company Needs a Bot Strategy

Our world is changing fast and so too is Enterprise technology. We all understand the importance of staying on top of these changes and we all try. Between our day jobs and keeping up with the latest trends its almost impossible.  There are just so many technical choices out there.

Companies are collecting data at an enormous pace. We are all hearing about the importance of Big Data, Machine Learning and lord knows if I hear about another AI tool, or the IoT device then I will likely unplug my router, ditch the phone, and run for the hills. I sometimes have to remind myself what interesting times we live.  We are seeing technical Darwinism at lightning speed. Technologies are being born, evolving and some are even going extinct. The one constant through this whole process is data. Data that continues to grow with every line of code saved.

So what’s the big deal around data? We just store it. We save it. We try to organize it. We use it. We all know the value of data.  The problem my friends is that we all know the reality is much different. We are busy, we are human and unfortunately for our beautifully designed CRM, ERP, HR, Accounting, and ATS systems, data is still handled by the human hand, manually input and managed by administrators that are steps away from gathering the data itself. 

The irony here in this is that the very systems that we built to store the information and see as so valuable have become a barrier in allowing us to get to the information we want and need when we need it. How do our clients and customers get it? Its all so complicated and cumbersome - what was that login / password combo again?  Its as if we are all searching for a small proverbial file in a data haystack - if of course we find the haystack.

So how do we manage our data more effectively?  

Queue Joe Cocker! Enter the bots! The little help we need comes in the form of Chat bots and for me and the team at Robo Recruiter this is as clear as day. What makes these little guys unique is the fact that the UI ­is the messaging platform. Rather than fill out forms or go to the web to enter in information in a site we can do everything we need to do from a communication interface. We can actually tell our Bots what we want them to find and they find it for us collecting the data we need and presenting this when and where we want it. In many cases from sources direct.

Let’s put this into the context of recruiting and hiring strategies. An area that we believe is perfect for our little bot friends.

Imagine this: What if your recruitment team arrived at work one morning to find that, overnight, recruiting had become easier to manage, more efficient and a whole lot faster? What if recruiting became more Automated?

Your recruitment teams would spend less time on admin, collecting and inputting data, and more time where they need it. They would have more time to network with quality talent, giving them the time they need to understand the true needs of the hiring managers filling more open roles. Your data sets would be managed by “like-minded” computer aided assistants sourcing candidate profiles through tremendous amounts of data, vetting and qualifying candidates as the candidates themselves responded with their most up to date information.  Think this is the future?  Wrong.  

Give it a go now: www.facebook.com/roborecruiter/

These really are exciting times we live.  This is only one use case and there are hundreds more in Enterprise. Its important to start defining your Bot strategy now and over time we will see more and more enterprise bots as bot to bot communication is just around the corner (our next post).

Seriously people having seen what I have seen - It’s a Bot time!  

Thomas Jenkins is a Director at Tquila International and Founder and Advisor at Robo Recruiter Inc. He has lived in Asia for over 20 years and now resides in the Bay Area with his family.  Thomas has split his career between recruiting and helping to build IT consulting businesses.