2 Things Every Millennial Needs To Know About The Future Of Recruiting

A question was posted on Quora asking If everyone is now on Linkedin, what is the next generation channel for social media recruiting? This is an interesting topic for us and made me think more about how the resume/cv is going to be changing. It prompted a response: 2 Things Every Millennial Needs To Know About The Future Of Recruiting, that I also wanted to share below:


The next generation of recruiting is already forming. For those of us who are in that space, it’s pretty easy to see the path recruiting is going down. The way individuals search for and apply to jobs has already changed so much in the past decade. In the same way, the recruiter's ability to connect people with jobs is shifting significantly.

Like most industries, recruiting is completely disrupted by the growth of technology. For better and for worse. Which is why it’s so important that millennials spot the trends and changes while it’s still happening. I’m in the business of using AI to connect people to their career, and these are two most pressing items you need to know about the future of recruiting.

1. Your resume/cv will be based on way more than just work experience.

We are moving towards a society in where your resume is more than just a piece of paper. Soon, your resume will be an assortment of your digital profiles. Your resume will be built for you based on the information available for you across social media, alumni and company websites, external groups or websites you contribute too.

Who needs references when the entire course of your career is visible online.This digital version of yourself will be the basis of who you are and what you can do in terms of your career. Your resume will be a more active/intelligent profile, that progresses as you do.

2. AI will support your profile.

AI is going to completely change the way in which you interact with building your career. It will be there to develop your online profiles as you excel in your career. It helps you (and your recruiter) identify areas that you may want to learn more about, job opportunities, education opportunities.

It will completely change the world of freelancing. When you, as a freelancer, are becoming available AI will facilitate in letting employers know that you are ready for new projects.

Currently, when I am looking to hire engineering freelancers I look across three areas; Their availability, Any code they have authored that I can look at (e.g. Github); How many times that have been hired in the past by the same company. In the future, AI will be able to answer all of this for me.