How to Create a Jobs Board on Squarespace

Looking to host a jobs board on your Squarespace website, but don’t know where to start? That’s because, until now, there hasn’t been an easy solution for that.

We’re excited to announce that RoboRecruiter can make that happen. Our clients now have the ability to seamlessly:

  • Create automated job screening conversations

  • Post a customized jobs board on Squarespace or any website

  • Link those jobs to Google Talent Discovery and publish to Google Jobs

We’ve transformed our own Careers page (we’re hiring!) as an example.

Nov-29-2018 14-08-39.gif

With scarily quick setup by our Candidate Activation Team, you can add and remove jobs to your website with ease, and let RoboRecruiter handle the rest.

To learn more about setting up your own jobs board, contact us below!