Does Your Data Need Cleansing? RoboRecruiter Can Help.


Recruiters, do you have candidates that you haven’t spoken to in a while? Are you fully confident that their information is up to date, and they haven’t moved locations or changed phone numbers, emails, or companies?

According to Bullhorn’s 2018 Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, 40% of staffing firms admit to making less than 25% of placements from candidates found in their ATS. Our research also indicates that up to 30% of recruitment data is either invalid or outdated.

Which begs the question: What if you could have enough confidence in your data to reach out at any given time, and get the most value out of the existing contacts in your ATS?

With RoboRecruiter, this dream is now a reality.

Our solution begins with refreshing your existing candidate database by reaching out via email and SMS to collect updated contact information as well as PALS (Price, Position, Availability, Location, Skillset).

Case Study: In a recent campaign, a staffing firm had a list of 1,600 people to contact for updated PALS. Of that list, we discovered that 48% had invalid contact information or were no longer interested in further communication. This information was incredibly valuable to the client, saving them the time it would have taken multiple recruiters to discover this through individual communication.

The Next Step: Keeping Candidates Engaged

Jobscience lists AI as an increasingly vital way to increase candidate engagement, and we couldn’t agree more.

Once a database has been cleansed, we keep candidates engaged through automated interaction. If a candidate states that they’re not currently available, but will be in three months, RoboRecruiter will automatically reach back out in that timeframe to follow up with them. Robo will remember all of the previously entered information and confirm that it is accurate, or update it on the spot.

Increasing candidate engagement will result in more accurate data and, as a result, more timely placements with an efficient use of your ATS.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some results we typically see:

  • Across all of our products, our overall response rates range between 20-30%

  • SMS campaigns receive the highest response rates of up to 68%!

  • We receive 70% of responses within the first hour of the campaign. You can send out a campaign before leaving work for the day, and come back in the morning to a completely refreshed set of candidates

Let RoboRecruiter do the heavy lifting, and save your recruiters the time and energy to focus on building and maintaining relationships with candidates and employers.

Give RoboRecruiter a try and schedule your free demo by clicking the links below, or text ROBO to 1 (628) 300-0506.