How to communicate with candidates, and schedule recruitment interviews en masse using Calendly


Recruiters, do you spend a big chunk of your working week scheduling interviews?

Well, you’re not alone.  In fact, you’re in a majority.  54% of Recruiters actually want interview scheduling to become automated (Jobvite survey).  Our research also indicates that on average, scheduling an interview takes roughly 15 emails exchanges between the Recruiter and the Candidate.

Here’s another stat you can probably identify with: The average number of days it takes to place a candidate is 42 (Society For Human Resource Management report)!

The question is, how can you engage effectively with a wide candidate pool; and get time in the diary with the right-fit candidates without having to do a long back and forth?

Well, now there’s a solution – interview-scheduling functionality within our chatbot conversations, using an application such as Calendly.  When we integrate Calendly functionality into our experience, we can launch your pre-vetting conversations, hand the results back to you, and then launch a follow-up conversation that incorporates Calendly interview-scheduling to those candidates who you choose.

Taking this further, we can keep this all in one conversation by building logic into it so that good-fit candidates can be offered the chance to instantly book time with you or one of your colleagues involved in the interview process.

Now that 42 days-to-placement stat is starting to feel unnecessarily long, hey?

We love this because we’re all about helping you as a Recruiter with the heavy-lifting parts of your job, so that you can maximise the time you can spend on the exciting parts: understanding your candidates, building your relationships, and shaping the future of the company that you’re representing.

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