How RoboRecruiter can help solve Recruitment's GDPR problems


RoboRecruiter loves what GDPR will do for recruitment.  There, I said it, don’t hate me. I’ll tell you why…

RoboRecruiter is on a mission to make hiring more human.  So far, we have given thousands upon thousands of hours back to recruiters so that they can have more meaningful candidate and client relationships and do what they do best.  RoboRecruiter is always there to take away the heavy lifting out of the recruitment process.  That’s what we do. Simple.

So now, with less than 100 days to go, the race is on to get your GDPR house in order. Yet another piece of the heavy lifting in the recruitment process that RoboRecruiter can assist with.

First, let’s get back to basics on the GDPR and what it means for recruiters.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is basically an overhaul of the Data Protect Act of 1997 and will come into effect in May 2018 and is simply bringing the UK up to the same standards of personal data regulations already in place in many other countries around the world. There’s still time to prepare and, as the Information Commissioner has confirmed, there will be no overnight witch hunt and this isn’t just an excuse to land massive fines on organisations.

Recruiters source, process and use data every day whether it is client or candidate.  For a recruiter, the key change within the GDPR is that they must have explicit permission or legal/contractual rights to process data belonging to someone and they have to protect that data also. That’s it.

(Well there’s a bit more to it, but this is the heavy lifting part I mentioned earlier and there are a plethora of GDPR experts out there that can assist in the overall compliance piece.)

In simple terms, as of 25th May 2018, candidates and clients must now give explicit consent for their personal data to be processed and used. This means that they are entitled to know exactly how their information will be used.

How are recruiters responding to, planning and preparing for the GDPR?

Some are burying their heads in the sand, saying “it’s not the big a deal’. Others are waiting for May 2018 to see what the impact is.  Responsible, competitive recruiters are trying to work out how to get consent from thousands of candidates currently in their database.  Most recruiters and most technology providers are turning to email as the solution.  Email, however, has a downside - response rates and times.

response - gdpr.PNG

Utilising the RoboRecruiter platform, recruiters can take the first steps towards creating a compliant database of contacts.

RoboRecruiter response rates, when compared to other forms of GDPR offerings, provide a significantly higher engagement level, at speed, decreasing the total cost to re-engage.

RoboRecruiter supports recruiters by:

  • Gaining specific consent from contacts at the start of a conversation

  • Providing time/date stamped verification of consent

  • Auditable evidence trail of consent against who, when, how and what candidates were told

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Updating your contacts current Profile and Status

  • Understanding active and available Contacts to fill open positions

  • Building trust and credibility in your brand using a tool that references personal interactions through messaging

  • Understanding your compliant data at speed

Using RoboRecruiter as a tool within your recruitment tech stack means that you have the ability to ask for and track explicit consent and continue engagement post-consent.

The GDPR means that the candidate database needs to migrate from its current format - a store of CVs and profiles and into an active, intelligent database of compliant and engaged contacts.  RoboRecruiter can support this evolution.  Get in touch today to find out how.

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