Letter from the Global President


What’s new and why? 

I jumped in with both feet to run RoboRecruiter outside the US at the start of the Summer.   Why this particular tech startup after 10 years at job-boards and a further 8 years building LinkedIn’s Strategic Org in Search, Staffing and RPO?  Personally I’ve lived digital transformation in the talent marketplace for years but I kept feeling that more could be done to make it better for both recruiters and candidate talent.  Much better.

Well, RoboRecruiter is doing exactly that.  As a company we’re winning at something incredibly special, doing it brilliantly again and again in many languages at an unprecedented pace.  All to make candidate engagement and processing much, much better. 

How? By driving a new data currency, helping PALS (Position, Availability, Location, Skills/Salary) to become the common standard across the talent industry; all through Conversational Engagement of your database and incoming response at massive scale by Robotic Process Automation.  

Why is this really needed?  Well, currently, as an industry we’re ghosting 99% of our hard-won applicants to our lovely open jobs. Just pause on this. Poor user experience doesn’t come close.  So whilst $2bn will be spent on Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing by 2022 there’s still a massive FAIL/Blackhole for most of them once click apply is hit. That’s nuts!

Consider these findings from the ERE 2019 Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report:

  1. 44 percent of the Fortune 500 provide candidates the option to join a talent network — but only 5 percent of those companies (11 in total) send anything other than job alerts. 

  2. 45 percent of Fortune 500 companies with a talent network don’t send anything after the confirmation email. 

  3. Of the companies sending job alerts to their network, just 28 percent personalize those jobs to each person’s profile and behavior.

So instead of ignoring all those valuable motivated applicants and unfairly expecting your recruiters to roll their sleeves up for the admin burden; we now do the heavy-lifting mundane stuff to allow them to focus on the relationship building they do best; to make Hiring More Human again with a frictionless process, whilst capturing valuable PALS credentials. 

More and more we massively impact, cleanse and enhance the data you already have on your database and optimize the incoming job posting/website response to surface ‘‘placeable now” talent in a quick, slick and easy way they simply love.  Taking them all the way through to interview scheduling and placement. Transformative doesn’t cover it.

Take a look at the five core use-cases that are impacting for the better. 


Furthermore we’ve just entered into a strictly limited beta partnership with Google to provide enhanced profile search for data you don’t already have.   More on this to follow. In the meantime, have a look at our powerful Job Discovery HERE on our own site.

So, it's obvious that it costs much more to acquire candidate data than maintain and refresh it as a best practice.  Add to that GDPR as a forcing mechanism to maintain engagement and the forthcoming IR35 obligations. Now is the time.  I’m excited that RoboRecruiter is underpinning full Talent bench/resource management - not just the go-to shirt, dress, shoes combo - we’re optimizing the entire wardrobe rotation!

Of course, I’m passionate and high-energy about this.  So take a look at more and more of our clients who lead applications through a RoboRecruiter conversation to capture that PALS data and deliver intelligent routing to the best person to help/place/hire them.


We’re even powering SMS shortcodes which drive to engaging conversations online, on trucks and even on roadside signs!


As we believe our customers are our best salespeople we’ve gone live with a testimonial channel and have a Review section live on G2 

With new features going live very regularly, we’re just getting started.  Take a look through the rest of our newsletter to learn more around our powerful Calendly integration and how we’re doubling down on our Global capability and resources.  


Steve Lewis
Global President
RoboRecruiter Inc.

Katherine Laudano