RoboRecruiter + Google for Jobs


Have you ever had trouble reaching the right candidates for a job? This will always be one of the most difficult challenges of the recruitment process. From the candidate perspective, finding the right role can be just as difficult, especially since there are so many channels through which candidates will search for jobs. Job Boards, social media, LinkedIn - it can be overwhelming for candidates to figure out where to start looking. Like anything else, job seekers will typically start their search process via the search engine.That’s why we at RoboRecruiter partnered with Google for Jobs.


Google for Jobs allows job postings from a multitude of sources to appear right within Google’s public search results. We built the ability to publish to Google for Jobs with a single click, right from within the RoboRecruiter platform. This allows any RoboRecruiter JobVet campaign - designed to quickly and automatically vet candidates for a particular role - to be publicly searchable on the web.

This means we extend our reach to the millions of people that search Google every day. Search results are displayed in a clear, streamlined fashion with detailed information at a glance. Search results can also be accurately sorted - by location, job level, degree requirements, benefits, compensation, and more - as desired, because our job data is automatically structured in accordance with Google’s guidelines. This leads to higher quality job postings, better matches, and allows job seekers to more easily find and apply to the most relevant positions available.

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 4.02.57 PM.png

Once a user finds an interesting job and clicks the Apply on RoboRecruiter button, they are brought directly to a landing page with the job description and a JobVet chat window for a quick automatic screening. All of our bot conversations can be fully customized, but for JobVet campaigns, we typically confirm contact information and ask the candidates about their availability to start a new job, their location, and of course their experience and skills pertaining to the role at hand.

This information all seamlessly flows back to recruiters via the RoboRecruiter platform or directly into the ATS, providing an accessible and organized shortlist from which they can set up next-round interviews. We have even brought automation to this step as well. We first structure the conversation to include “knockout questions” based on the role requirements, and for candidates that meet the required criteria, we initiate automatic scheduling with Calendly, all within the chatbot window. The process is seamless, and the feedback has been amazing - recruiters have been seeing their calendars quickly fill up with interviews for qualified candidates.

RoboRecruiter’s Google for Jobs functionality helps candidates find the right roles, and helps recruiters expedite their process to have the conversations that matter. Talk to us about automating your recruitment process today.

Nick Treser