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Why Bots are Here to Stay

Having spent several months with a team building an Enterprise Bot, I can see why there is so much enthusiasm around this technology. Companies have a new tool at their disposal. With Bots in place, companies and their brands will use them to achieve customer success providing personalized, instantaneous, real-time, two-way communication between customers and partners. There is going to be kinks, maybe even pleats to iron through, however, the Bot phenomenon has started and personally do not think it can be stopped. There is always going to be a naysayer or few, out there that say its just too simple. I would argue that is the point.

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Why Recruitment Teams Need ROB

There is a lot of misperception about recruitment. Some fail to see the value and feel forced into fee agreements to maintain depth in their talent pool but as recruiters we know the pain, the hard work and time we spend canvassing our databases, speaking with potential candidates and then after all is said and done following up with candidates we placed either collecting their timesheets so that they are paid or making sure the job we placed them in is what the client said it would be.  This is where we come in to help save the day.  

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