Introducing A Revolutionary Method To Master Graduate Recruitment using Chatbots

A graduate recruitment campaign will attract degree-level qualified individuals into your organisation. Typically campaigns may run all year round, or they may run just once a year according to the academic year. It is normal for employers to receive and process applications from final year students prior to their graduation, and offer employment beginning once the student receives confirmation of their qualification.

A typical graduate recruitment scheme calendar is shown in the following image:

Typical Graduate Scheme Recruitment Calendar.gif

Developing a recruitment strategy that includes managing the campaign and application process is crucial to the success of the scheme because:

  • Organisations must recruit graduates who match their business needs and will contribute to the business at an early stage

  • With the number of graduates entering the entry-level job market increasing each year, there is greater competition for high calibre individuals - in essence, a talent war

  • With growing numbers of graduates from a broad range of disciplines going into more diverse careers paths, it can be easy to miss talented individuals by using outdated and inflexible recruitment methods

In High Fliers' latest report on the UK Graduate Recruitment Market, there were some interesting statistics on the current state of the market.  In this report, 100 of the country’s leading graduate employers were surveyed across many different areas.  

  • 9% increase in the number of applications on average compared to the previous year (with 49% reporting an increase)

  • Recruiters at more than half the UK’s leading employers have had similar resources to attract and recruit universities during the 2016-2017 recruitment season, compared with last year

  • More than a quarter warned that they had insufficient resources in their graduate recruitment teams

  • Graduates turning down or reneging on job offers that they had previously accepted
    meant that over 800 graduate positions were left unfilled last year, reducing the
    graduate intake at over a quarter of the UK’s leading employers

As any recruiter of graduates knows, this marketplace is a constantly moving target. Using the right medium, the right message, and at the right time has become a fine art.

The amount of time spent looking for work has unfortunately been squeezed out of many students' and graduates' timetables, with many wanting to engage through an easy, efficient and welcoming process.

How can a graduate recruiter provide the experience levels that are demanded, all while being able to cope with a larger number of applications and limited people resources?

Enter the chatbot…

Based on the above typical graduate scheme calendar, for two-thirds of the year graduate recruiters are processing and dealing with applications. One month is dedicated to screening and filtering those applications.  That’s one month to screen and filter 8 months of applications!!  No wonder more than a quarter of the top 100 graduate employers said that they had insufficient resources in their teams.  That’s a big ask for any recruitment team.

Now imagine life as a graduate recruiter, with the help of a chatbot.  RoboRecruiter improves recruitment efficiency by handling the more repetitive and time-consuming activities like gathering initial data and pre-qualifying candidates.  RoboRecruiter allows a recruiter to spend more time having worthwhile human-to-human interactions and being a more strategic partner to the wider business.  A successful graduate recruiter should be given the time to speak with the most appropriate candidates, as an evangelist for their organisation.  There should be no reason to miss talented graduates who are the perfect fit for your organisation, just because you receive a large number of applications.

For graduate recruiters, now is the time to start revisiting your recruitment processes.  This years’ graduates will be part of ‘Generation Z’, a cohort that represents 25% of the U.S. population, born between 1995 and 2014). Gen Z is even larger than the Millennial generation and more diverse.

Gen Z is the first generation made up entirely of digital natives. These graduates have “chatted” with virtual math tutors on their school Chromebooks since 4th grade; smartphones and Wi-Fi are just normal life. For them, technology isn’t just for having friends – it’s how they interact with the world and get things done. They expect potential employers to have modern technology in the workplace, and that starts with a tech-enabled hiring process. Use recruitment technologies like chatbots to make hiring interactions a fast, simple and engaging experience.

Although Gen Z’s digital intuition can make employer branding and messaging easier, there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind. First of all, their average attention span is only eight seconds, even shorter than the 12 seconds attributed to millennials. They’re also far more visual in nature, having grown up in a post-newspaper, Netflix-ready world.

In other words, recruiters should avoid trying to reach Generation Z with lengthy job descriptions and application forms, while chatbots with concise and engaging conversations are more likely to get the message across and capture the information recruiters need.

The key to mastering the graduate recruitment process for Gen Z is to implement a chatbot strategy that:

  • Makes the application and pre-qualification process more efficient

  • Provides recruiters with more time to have meaningful human-to-human interactions

  • Engages with Gen Z in the way that they expect

  • Reduces the possibility of unfilled places

Are you recruiting or planning on recruiting for a graduate scheme? Get in touch with RoboRecruiter to find out how our chatbot solution can support you and your organisation.  Have a chat with Robo on our homepage now, or email us at


Martyn Redstone is RoboRecruiter's Sales Director for the UK and Europe.  He is a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. For the past 15 years, he has been working with organisations to improve their recruitment processes.  Martyn lives in London with his wife and two daughters, has a keen interest in current affairs, enjoys travelling the world and watching the latest films at the cinema.

Martyn is a keen user of social media. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here, or follow him on twitter here

4 Reasons why you need a chatbot in your volume recruitment process

Many organisations depend on volume recruitment.  This could be for an annual intake of staff (such as a graduate scheme), expansion or for seasonal requirements.  At this time of the year, many organisations increase their workforce to take into account the demands on their business that the festive period can create.  In fact, the top four industries that hire more people in readiness for the seasonal period are retail, hospitality, tourism and media.

However, volume recruitment and seasonal hiring create many challenges to the recruitment process that many organisations experience year on year, time and time again.

How can a chatbot help conquer those challenges?

Challenge #1: Managing a large number of applications

According to Career Arc, 65% of candidates never, or rarely, hear back from a company after an application.  Conversely, those same candidates are 3.5 times less likely to re-apply to that same company and 72% will also share that negative experience online or with somebody directly.  Over time, this will erode and weaken your employer brand. If prospective employees hear from their friends and colleagues that your hiring process is generally unresponsive, some of the best candidates may simply not apply.

In the world of recruitment, it is a challenge for employers to communicate well with all their candidates.  Especially for high volume recruiting, where this would require communicating with thousands of candidates, in addition to a recruiter’s normal screening functions and other duties.

Using a recruitment chatbot can take away the strain of managing and communicating with a large number of applicants.

Each and every applicant will have an immediate engagement with your organisation, via chatbot.  In real time, a recruitment chatbot can:

  • collect information from candidates such as their contact information
  • ask screening questions about candidates’ salary expectations, availability, location and skills/experience

What's more is that this can be done with thousands of candidates all at the same time.  Instantly taking the heavy lifting out of the top funnel of volume recruitment and improving the candidate's experience with your brand.

Challenge #2: Managing a talent pool of previous temporary workers

Do you have the same temporary staff that work for you every festive season?  How about the same students that work for you every summer when home from university?

Being able to activate and mobilise a large number of candidates from your database takes time and moves recruiters away from their other activities.

Using a recruitment chatbot, you can instantly connect with thousands of candidates within your talent pool or database to advertise that the recruitment process has begun and ask if they are available to work.  A chatbot can then update any profile information to ensure you have the most update to date details within your database.

Better yet, a chatbot allows you to engage and capture candidates throughout the year in anticipation of the holiday season and maximise referrals from your current talent pool.  All without a recruiter having to lift a finger.

What if you could come to work every morning and receive a list of candidates that your recruitment chatbot has had a conversation with the evening before, who have been screened and are available and ready to be placed into an open role?  That is the reality of life when using a recruitment chatbot.

Challenge #3: Communicating with your candidates at a time and place that works for them

Nine out of ten candidates expect to be able to communicate with you via messaging and social platforms.  That is the way of the world.  Yet less than half of organisations are equipped to handle this type of communication.  Your talent pool lives on their mobile devices. When the time comes to recruit for the holidays, you’ll need to be where your candidates are already spending all of their time – on their phones.

A recruitment chatbot will be able to engage with candidates on their mobile phones.  Whether this is via a messaging platform, such as Skype, or a social network like Facebook.  The best chatbots are omnichannel and can communicate seamlessly via a desktop or mobile platform.

The best recruiters work as many hours as needed to get the job done, but there is still a start and end time to the working day.  The best recruiters also know that a large majority of candidates are not available to talk during the working day, preferring evenings and (sometimes) weekends. A chatbot is available 24/7, so a candidate can engage with you and your recruitment process at a time of their choosing.

Randstad found that 82% of job seekers believe the ideal recruiter interaction is a mix of innovative technology and personal, human interaction.  The majority of candidates are receptive to interacting with a chatbot.

Allowing candidates to do so and a time and on a channel of their choice increases the chances of them experiencing a positive recruitment process and, therefore, increasing your brand's reputation.

Challenge #4: High turnover of seasonal temporary staff

Due to the fleeting nature of seasonal positions and the fact that those same industries tend to have higher-than-average turnover, it can be difficult to retain temporary staff when you need them the most. The major factors that contribute to seasonal turnover are a lack of goal-setting, lack of recognition and plain old boredom.

While a chatbot can be seen as more useful during the initial stages of the recruitment process, a chatbot can also be used to increase staff engagement while they are carrying out work for your organisation.

Imagine being able to brief your temporary staff across your organisation, all at the same time, to update them on important issues or to set some goals.  Why not have a chatbot-based conversation with them to find out how they are getting on and garner some feedback about their time with your organisation?  

High turnover doesn’t have to ruin the holiday season for your organisation.  People buy from people, and what better person to buy off of than one that is happy and treated well, even if only in their position for a short amount of time.

If you’re sensitive to the temporary nature of seasonal positions and make a genuine effort to dispel preconceptions while giving seasonal workers tangible goals and plenty of opportunity for engagement, you’re going to find higher retention follow suit.

Key Takeaways:

Your candidates are receptive to communicating with your organisation via chatbot.  In fact, 9 out of 10 candidates expect to communicate via messaging.

Using a chatbot solution will:

  • Increase candidate engagement levels
  • Create memorable experiences with your brand
  • Reduce the burden on recruiters
  • Provide the tools to communicate with thousands of candidates at the same time
  • Reduce turnover and increase on-the-job satisfaction and happiness

Are you recruiting or planning on recruiting in volume? Get in touch with RoboRecruiter to find out how our chatbot solution can support you and your organisation.  Have a chat with Robo on our homepage now, or email us at


Martyn Redstone is RoboRecruiter's Sales Director for the UK and Europe.  He is a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. For the past 15 years, he has been working with organisations to improve their recruitment processes.  Martyn lives in London with his wife and two daughters, has a keen interest in current affairs, enjoys travelling the world and watching the latest films at the cinema.

Martyn is a keen user of social media. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here, or follow him on twitter here

Announcement: RoboRecruiter and SThree announce partnership

RoboRecruiter, the creator of the recruitment chatbots, PALS, JobVet and GDPR Datacom, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the SThree group to deploy their chatbot technologies across a number of the existing SThree brands and new ventures. The technology will be incorporated into Salesforce and work alongside SThree’s consultants in support of their mission to bring skilled people together to build the future.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Having chatbot technology will empower them to communicate with us when it’s the most convenient for them”, says Gary Elden, CEO of SThree.

“The reason we went with RoboRecruiter was their ability to integrate into Salesforce and provide quick customisations. Using RoboRecruiter alongside our consultants allows us to attract and engage with a much larger group of candidates faster and intelligently, while allowing the consultant more time to build lasting relationships”

About RoboRecruiter

RoboRecruiter was built for people who hire professionally by a team of successful staffing professionals who have achieved recruitment success and also built one of the largest chatbot platforms with proven conversational technologies across hundreds of clients.

About SThree

SThree plc (LON:STHR) is a leading international staffing company with 39 offices across 15 countries. The Group operates a family of ten brands that offer specialist contract, permanent and interim recruitment services in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industries. Our multi-brand and multi-sector model enables us to focus on niche areas to provide a better specialist service to our clients and candidates. Our customers mostly engage with SThree through our four main brands Computer Futures, Huxley, Progressive Recruitment, and Real Staffing. For more information visit


RoboRecruiter inc



The Importance of Quality Data

As we further progress as a digital society, the role of quality data becomes more and more important. For decades, companies have been collecting and analyzing data in large quantities to enhance their operations. Data analytics help companies operate in a variety of ways: shaping decisions, increasing efficiency, providing hidden insights, and maintaining compliance, just to name a few. However, databases are getting larger and larger, and as database sizes increase, it becomes more difficult to properly manage the data. As they say, more data, more problems.


Perhaps the most relatable example of company database is one that stores customer contact information. Take retail clothing for example. An online store like Gap stores customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, order history, email preferences, etc., in order to better understand and reach their customers. This data needs to be complete in the database to best serve its purpose. For instance, if a customer profile contains a missing or out of date email address, the customer may not receive important communications such as order confirmations or shipping updates. Maintaining both complete and accurate databases is crucial to getting maximum value from your database.

One way to increase the value of a database is to comb through the data and clean it up. If data is properly checked as it is entered into the database, it can reduce this hassle before it becomes a problem. Still, database maintenance can be extremely time consuming and is a huge cost to corporations. IBM even estimated in 2016 that the yearly cost of poor quality data was $3.1 trillion in the U.S. alone. There’s some incentive to take data quality seriously and to find better ways to handle data.

For many reasons, establishing and maintaining high-quality data is of paramount importance. It’s crucial to embrace good practices when it comes to data storage and maintenance to ensure success, and to get the most out of your hard-earned data. Fortunately, platforms like RoboRecruiter can automatically assist in cleansing and refreshing recruitment candidate databases to keep information up-to-date and accurate.

Our PALS product reaches out to your contacts to gather accurate, up-to-date information on candidates’ Price, Availability, Location, and Skills. The beauty of Robo is in the automation. Robo does the dirty work, gathering and organizing candidate information automatically, so recruiters can spend time doing more important tasks. For more information, have a quick chat with Robo on the homepage  or send me an email at



Nick Treser is a Customer Success Manager at RoboRecruiter. He comes from a digital consulting background and likes focusing on the human aspects of technology. Nick grew up in the steel city of Pittburgh, PA, and now calls foggy San Francisco his home. He enjoys seeing live music with friends and digital photography.

Rich, Real-time, Recruitment Data


The world these days is obsessed with data and rightfully so… having the right data at the right time can really change things. I mean if you have the right Powerball numbers before the drawing you would be really rich… well having the right candidate data can also be very rewarding.

Just imagine having the availability, skills, location, and salary data on every contact in your database right at your fingertips in real-time!! I mean all you would need to do is query your database and BOOM you would have a list of perfect job seekers, knowing where they live, how far they can commute, when they are available, and even how much they need to make! But unfortunately that isn’t how recruitment works today…

If you have a job to fill you may query your database but likely it would return 1000’s of candidates that all look the same. You don’t know who is available, you don’t know if they are in the same location as when they applied, you don’t understand their salary requirement and so your job becomes daunting and you do the next best thing… call Indeed, Zip, LinkedIn or maybe Monster and spend away.

What I would like is to have you imagine a world where all of your candidate data is available in real-time! You would know John’s skills, his salary requirements, maybe even his favorite color allowing your recruiters find him quickly and easily without having to go out and use a job posting service.

Once you open yourself up to this world you have entered the world of RoboRecruiter; a world where candidates and recruiters are in harmony working together to build careers, grow companies and save time. A world that is greener, where families are happier, employees love their jobs, and the stock market makes us all wealthy!

If you would like to live in this world please contact us today!


Angelo Zucaro has unique experience building startups including, and  His focus is identifying and bringing to market unique services that provide value to organizations around the global. Angelo lives and works from Westport, CT which is a suburb of New York city; he enjoys playing sports with his kids and investing in companies.



Optimizing your ATS with Chatbots


Finding and engaging with the right candidates at the right time, through the right channel can be a tough task.

When looking to fill an open role or building your talent pipeline for future hires, many recruitment professionals will immediately go out and scan job boards and Social Media sites for these candidates forgetting about the wealth of talent sitting within their ATS.

A few reasons why a recruiter may adopt this approach are below:

  • Quality of data in the ATS

  • The time it can take to search, filter & create a list of potential candidates

  • The tools I have available to me to then communicate to these candidates quickly and effectively

However, Chatbots like RoboRecruiter are designed to help with this challenge and ensure that Recruitment Teams get the most out of their existing data. 

Most ATS will have the ability for you to easily be able to get a view of the candidates you have not been in touch with over the last 6 months without having to do in depth searching.

Once you have this pool of potential candidates this is where a RoboRecruiter would step in. The Chatbot can communicate out to the candidates in this pool over messaging platforms which these candidates are using every day, such as Facebook Messenger or SMS.

By using messaging platforms to engage with candidates, Recruiters can determine which Candidates are available now, relevant to the role and ready to engage in opportunities.

Through this increased engagement Recruiters are seeing the following results:

  • Reduction in time spent sifting through candidates

  • More valuable conversations with the right candidates at the right time

  • A refreshed ATS with up to date Candidate data

So, before you go out to the web to look for that golden candidate or consider changing your ATS, think about the data you already have and how best to engage with them today.


Lee Godwin -Key Account Manager

Lee has been providing Talent Management solutions to organisations across the globe for over 10 years.  In recent years this has been very much focused around the staffing sector, with the aim of helping agencies to grow through successful recruitment technology adoption. Lee lives just outside of London and likes to spend time watching Tottenham Hotspur.

Why Messaging Matters to Job Seekers


Thinking of a title here I would be better to say that the “Right” messaging matters to job seekers. Over the last several months I have been working with the team at RoboRecruiter creating conversations that our Bot would deliver to job seekers and the results are clear: be specific, add value and deliver a reason for people to engage with you and your brand. 

Far to often, and probably from a “this is the way we have always done it” type of attitude, companies and more specifically recruiters have relied on the same tired ways of communicating their opportunities. They then question their responses and wonder why they are not receiving the information they need to deliver results, fill positions and attract the right talent into their open roles. Let’s face it, its a tough market out there. High valued talent is in high demand and if you are going to attract the best, especially if you or your client is not the most well known brand, you need to use tools that will help you lift your game, maximize time and set your message out from the rest of your competition. A simple job description just does not cut it anymore. 

This is part of the reason that we starting working on RoboRecruiter. Having worked to build both recruitment, staffing and teams internally we understood the challenges they, people who wish to hire, face when trying to fill open roles. The best people are busy, they are mobile and they are in demand. They will make a career transition when they have a level of trust with a new company once they have had an opportunity to research, question and understand their role and responsibilities — understand where they fit into the new company’s vision and mission. Building this trust takes time. 

So what does this mean for those out there who’s mission it is to communicate this information? 

I heard an interesting statistic that even the best recruiters can only really have 20–25 “real” conversations a day. Think about that. If a recruiter can only have 20–25 conversations with different people each day and over half of these conversations are with people that are new contacts over the course of a month we are looking at around 200 new contacts a month and if half of these are not qualified for any number of reasons for your roles you are looking to fill you have cut your ability to fill positions down substantially. 

Part of RoboRecruiter’s mission is about helping people who hire find the time to maximize their ability to communicate with the “Right” group of contacts. The other is about being able to craft specific, personalized messaging using the latest automation techniques. We are in no-way trying to fake a human conversation — we are crafting conversations that are specific to the interest of the user and by doing so helping our clients, people who hire, save the time they need to execute and fill their or their client’s roles. Using the bot to initiate a conversation and then using messaging to guide responses developing trust, providing specific user information and collecting the information you need, leads to results. 

So what does this all mean in terms of results? Without beating our drum too loudly our results have blown even the most skeptical away. Get this- once a user opens the bot and starts communicating for those who complete the first question almost 80% go on to complete the entire question set. And how does this compare to emails — well from our initial pilots on data sets that have not been contacted in over 6 months we have had response rates as high as 25%. Impressive for sure but these results have really come from a few lessons we have learned:

  1. Be Specific: Personalize the message to the reader making sure that they know why they are being asked the questions they are being asked. Use personalization in both your emails, mobile messages and the bot channel. 
  2. Make the Conversation Two-way: Provide your users with information and be sure to ask them what they need or are looking for. Make sure your automated messaging allows them an opportunity to receive as much information as they are asked to provide — making the bot a good listener is important to establishing rapport. 
  3. Develop Trust: Best rule of thumb here is make sure that your automated message replicates real conversation — You would not ask for very personal details when you meet someone at a networking event for the 1st time and the same should hold true for your bot. Build to a level of trust so that people are inclined to share or at least to a level that allows you to pick up the phone and speak to them personally. 

Working on this project is truly exciting. If you are interested in more please reach out to us. Happy to share.


Why Bots are Here to Stay

Having spent several months with a team building an Enterprise Bot, I can see why there is so much enthusiasm around this technology. Companies have a new tool at their disposal. With Bots in place, companies and their brands will use them to achieve customer success providing personalized, instantaneous, real-time, two-way communication between customers and partners. There is going to be kinks, maybe even pleats to iron through, however, the Bot phenomenon has started and personally do not think it can be stopped. There is always going to be a naysayer or few, out there that say its just too simple. I would argue that is the point.

Why Recruitment Teams Need ROB

There is a lot of misperception about recruitment. Some fail to see the value and feel forced into fee agreements to maintain depth in their talent pool but as recruiters we know the pain, the hard work and time we spend canvassing our databases, speaking with potential candidates and then after all is said and done following up with candidates we placed either collecting their timesheets so that they are paid or making sure the job we placed them in is what the client said it would be.  This is where we come in to help save the day.