RoboRecruiter takes the guess-work out of Recruitment RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  We have worked with clients to create a suite of products which follow industry best-practice communication to manage and maintain data on the contacts that drive success in your business.  RoboRecruiter prides itself on its ability to bring these solutions to our clients with an accelerated adoption process that allows you to test and be up and running at lightning speed.



Database Cleansing and Real-time Contact information

PALS is a cornerstone product in the RoboRecruiter suite. PALS stands for Price, Availability, Location and Skillset. This information is critical in order for the recruitment team to fill new requirements at speed. Our clients use our PALS product to update, maintain and understand, in real-time, the current status of their contacts.



Vet and priortize candidates as they apply to roles

JobVet is our solution to manage the application pipeline. Using RoboRecruiter's platform to quickly and easily build out personalized and job specific conversational templates, our clients and quickly and efficiently manage, vet and priortize candidate's that meet the criteria of their roles. RoboRecruiter helps our clients fill more open job orders with speed and efficiency.



General Data Privavcy Compliance

GDPR and Data Compliance require a proactive communication solution that RoboRecruiter can provide. While others see this a chore, we see our solution the perfect fit to help maintain active communications with contacts so that your business maintains data compliance.