Want to gather more candidate and client leads from your website?

Learn how our WebWidget can help convert more visitors into leads.


Our WebWidget helps uses the power of conversational marketing to engage your website visitors via chatbot conversations. 

Using a specially designed conversation, RoboRecruiter can help you convert more website visitors into active candidates and clients.



webwidget bot.PNG

How do I install it?

  • Complete the enquiry form below

  • You will be sent an order form, which you will need to complete

  • On submission, your order will be processed

  • You will receive a snippet of code to install onto your website

  • Once installed on your website, the WebWidget is live and submitted leads will be sent to an email address of your choice


How can I benefit from using a chatbot?

User engagement is the core of any people-focused business, especially when we talk about today’s digital businesses. In a broader perspective, user engagement is the main driver of lead generation.

The reason that a chatbot is ideal, is that it engages your prospective candidates and clients in an engaging conversation and helps you understand their requirements. Thus, maximizing the chances of nurturing leads.


How can I use the WebWidget?

  • Submit the form below to request your web widget

  • An invoice will be email to you for payment

  • When payment has been processed, we will create your WebWidget and the embed code

  • Once you receive your embed code, you need to paste it into the HTML of any web-page that you wish for the chatbot to be on

  • You may need to send the code to an external agency that manages your website

  • When any candidate or client engages with the chatbot, a notification email will be sent to an email address of your choice

  • The notification email also includes the transcript of the conversation, so you will have a log of the details submitted

  • Any support queries can be sent to