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Why Robo?

RoboRecruiter was built for people who hire professionally - by a team of staffing professionals who have achieved  recruitment success. We built one of the largest Chatbot platforms with proven conversational technologies across hundreds of clients.


Instant Response

Real-time communications between candidates, recruiters and employers mean quicker approvals and dramatically shorter turnaround times.


Stay Connected through Automation

Expedite the recruitment process. Converse with your contacts through two-way automated conversations while giving them the opportunity to contact you at any point in their bot driven conversations.


Works Great on Any Device

RoboRecruiter uses SMS, Facebook Messenger, Line, Twitter or Slack to communicate directly with candidates while providing real-time updates to your recruitment professionals.

People who hire use RoboRecruiter to manage the administrative heavy lifting in the recruitment process.

Understand Real-Time Data

Check candidate Positions, Availability, Locations and updated Skill-sets in real-time, while allowing candidates to proactively update their own status, profile, and compensation requirements. You're alerted whenever a candidate updates their profile.


Create Custom Call Lists

RoboRecruiter helps source candidates by creating custom call lists of those who are interested and qualified for open roles. You have the ability to view and export these lists for your records. 


Automate & Track Personalized Conversations - Saving Time

RoboRecruiter is built to scale to easily allow you to control the very personalized conversations  the bot uses to communicate with your contacts.  Our platform is built to store and track your conversations so that you can understand exactly how your conversations are being received.  

Candidates connect with people who are actively hiring for roles that match your individual needs.


Stay Connected with Your Favorite Recruiters

Let RoboRecruiter manage your profile, availability, rate and work preferences so that you are prioritized for that next position and easily reached through instant messaging.  


Receive the Latest Information on the Job Market

Understand demand for your skill-set and receive immediate feedback when applying to new roles. Receive real-time information on the company and the demand for roles that match your skillsets


Use RoboRecruiter to Source New Roles

Find the latest positions from our clients as they look to source candidates for their new positions.