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How WhatsApp is Revolutionizing the Recruitment Process

In a world where technology has drastically changed the way we communicate, it's no surprise that new tools are emerging to make the process of recruiting top talent easier and more efficient. One such tool is WhatsApp, which offers a number of unique benefits for recruiters. Here's a look at how WhatsApp is changing the recruitment game.

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Custom URL's and SendGrid

We are announcing today that we have released the ability for all customers to use their own custom domain name for chatbot communication and their own SendGrid account. This allows you to be able to increase brand connectivity to your candidates, increasing engagement rates. 

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Power Your Recruitment with WhatsApp + RoboRecruiter

Here at RoboRecruiter, outbound candidate engagement has always been a core focus of ours. We have made it easy to reach your candidates at scale via two simultaneous outbound channels, SMS and Email, reaching users at their preferred mobile or desktop devices. However, candidates are more and more frequently using additional platforms as a means to communicate over messaging, and we have taken note.You asked, we listened: we are excited to announce that RoboRecruiter is now enabled with WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides a third outbound channel through which you can reach your candidates, increasing your open rates and improving the candidate experience for any WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is extremely popular across the UK and Europe, and we are seeing increasing usage here in the US as well. Trust us, we can’t wait to better power your conversations and better serve some of WhatsApp’s 2.5+ billion users.

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RoboPulse in Bullhorn

Bullhorn Update: Making Live Interaction Easier with RoboPulse

RoboRecruiter has partnered with Bullhorn to bring automation into the hands of recruiters everywhere, and we are constantly developing new ways to make it even easier to engage with candidates. With a RoboRecruiter/Bullhorn integration, recruiters can communicate with candidates and manage their responses at scale - all without leaving the platform. 

Now, with the introduction of RoboPulse, recruiters have the ability to manage candidate interactions in real time without leaving their ATS. Users can launch campaigns and engage in live, two-way SMS with just a few clicks, so there is no need to play phone tag or wait for email replies. With RoboPulse, recruiters can effectively have their fingers on the pulse.

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Robo Pulse - Quickly Access Documents

Many of our clients use our document upload capabilities in addition to a standard question flow. This allows candidates to supplement their standard responses by attaching a CV/resume, or upload other files such as compliance or right-to-work documentation. These documents were previously accessible via our backend Dashboard, but our newest Robo Pulse update allows recruiters to access and download the uploaded files with one click.

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