As your database grows over time, candidate profiles age and become less relevant. Through our activation campaigns we gather candidates’ current PALS information: Price, Availability, Location, Skills - and more. We update the database automatically, so recruiters spend less time on admin and more time connecting with the right candidates.

We believe that a strong inbound presence is essential to expanding your candidate pool. Our on-site chatbots register candidates to your ATS and job boards, schedule interviews, answer FAQ’s - the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry about distracting from your brand - our chatbot widget is fully customizable to your branding standards for a consistent user experience throughout the candidate journey.

Beyond on-site chatbots, we reach inbound candidates anywhere with our text-in chatbots. Candidates text a phrase - e.g. “Text JOBS to 223-223” - to reach a registration or job search bot and can apply in seconds. We also bring in additional new candidates when candidates provide employment references at the pre-hire stage and referrals at the post-hire stage.

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Choose between automated SMS and chatbot OR take over the SMS conversation and talk directly with your candidates. Combining SMS with RoboPulse is a great way to 10X the number of candidates a recruiter can speak with and process. 

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Jobs Discovery

Narrowing your recruitment funnel can be a challenge, especially when trying to fill tens, hundreds, or even thousands of openings. Our Jobs campaigns eliminate the low-value-add, repetitive processes of your recruitment process by vetting candidates for the requirements of a particular role to create a shortlist of qualified and available candidates. 

We combine this vetting with Job Discovery, our in-chatbot job search powered by Google search algorithms, to fill jobs at scale. Candidates search your jobs while we index your available roles in real-time.

If a candidate does not find a suitable job through searching, they can register for Job Alerts. Job Alerts notify candidates via regular email and SMS when we find roles that match their job preferences. We keep candidates engaged on their terms through our Automated Communication Engine, which allows candidates to tailor their alerts to change alert frequency and preferences or opt out at any time.



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Schedule & Assess

RoboRecruiter is fully integrated with Calendly to auto-schedule interviews or assessment center appointments. We design compassionate screening questions that ensure only viable talent reaches the point of scheduling, so recruiters only spend time speaking to qualified candidates.

As our world becomes increasingly virtual, we offer additional tools to assist remote hiring. Candidates provide brief video responses so our clients can round out applications with better insight into the candidate’s personality and culture add. On the admin side, we also automate compliance and right-to-work documentation processes to save your recruiters time.

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The valuable candidate information you gain from RoboRecruiter doesn’t end with our platform. We are integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as Bullhorn, JobAdder and Avature to directly update the candidate profiles for those that interact with Robo. We work with your team to customize the way data returns to your system so that recruiters always have the information they need.

In addition to our ATS and Calendly integrations, we can connect to a variety of systems that use open APIs. For example, we can connect to Zapier and Google Sheets to automate reporting and data management with just a few clicks.

Learn more about our integrations here.


Video Interviewing

Get to know your candidates better with Video Interviewing. This new addition is great for quickly processing through large pools of candidates and producing a digital resume with a personal touch. Personalized video responses can then be used as an additional element to use when making hiring decisions. Candidates can quickly and easily record videos from their phone or desktop all within the overall RoboRecruiter flow.

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References & Referrals

Automate the repetitive, administrative steps of your recruitment flow with our References and Referrals functionality. We make it easy to gather multiple employment references or referrals, and can even increase your overall candidate pool at the same time as references engage with the chatbot.

Automate in Any Language

RoboRecruiter supports full chatbot communication in nearly any language. Any of our core and bespoke solutions can be fully customized and translated to your audience. To go even further and include a broad range of potential regions and candidates, we can create multi-language conversations, where users can choose their preferred language of communication.

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