Live and Interactive Messaging


Two Way Texting with SMS and WhatsApp

Robo Pulse makes it quick and easy to communicate with candidates through two-way messaging via SMS and now WhatsApp.

It only takes a few clicks to send and receive text messages to one or many candidates. 96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, so you can ensure you are keeping up with your candidates when they are available to chat.







Omnichannel Communication

Interact with your candidates across multiple channels - automated email, chatbot conversations, and two-way SMS and WhatsApp.

Don't worry about which platform your candidates are using - RoboRecruiter empowers you to reach candidates wherever is most convenient.




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Real Time Dashboard

With RoboPulse, we offer an interactive, true live view into the way your candidates interact with your RoboRecruiter campaigns. All candidate interactions are updated on the RoboPulse dashboard within seconds of the candidate interaction. There is no need to manually retrieve reports, so your recruitment team can react quickly to important incoming candidate data and efficiently. Need to focus on certain types of candidates? No problem; RoboPulse is fully customizable and allows recruiters to view the most qualified candidates first, by location, skills, experience, or whatever qualifications you may require.

Live reporting

Process and engage with candidates at scale and embed into your current ATS to radically increase your speed and efficiency. 


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