Introducing our Chrome Extension

On a web-based ATS?

Learn how our Chrome extension can expedite your sourcing.


Our Chrome extension helps import your contacts in order to engage them via customized automated chatbot conversations. 

Special support for Bullhorn and JobAdder allows you to gather up-to-date information directly from candidates and update their records instantly.



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How do I install it?

  • Download the Chrome extension through the button above
  • Refresh your browser, open the Chrome extension by clicking the RoboRecruiter icon, and then select “Request a Login”
  • Complete the form with your contact details to register for an account
  • A Customer Success Manager will reach out to you regarding your account credentials

How can I benefit from using it?

People who hire can benefit from using our Chrome extension by importing and contacting a large set of their contacts with just the click of a button. Our campaigns receive 70% of responses within the first hour, meaning you can send out a campaign before leaving work for the day and come back in the morning to a completely refreshed set of candidates!

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How can I use the Chrome extension?

  • Once you receive an account, open Chrome and click the RoboRecruiter icon
  • Log in using your designated organization, username, and password, as well as your country code for mobile numbers
  • Select “Link Emails and Phone #s” if you would like the Chrome extension to identify contact information on the page by highlighting it in green
  • Once you log in, RoboRecruiter will begin identifying contact information. Add contacts to your org by highlighting their information with your mouse - it will then appear in the appropriate field in the Chrome extension.
  • To send a campaign, enter the contact's full name, email and/or phone number, as well as a Contact Group Name (Defaulted to “First Campaign”) and click “Send Campaign to Contact”.
  • All accounts come with a PALS Conversation. PALS (Price, Availability, Location, Skillset) conversations are used to update candidate information to maintain a refreshed database.
    • Reach out to one of our sales support contacts to learn more about other campaign options, such as our JobVet conversation that vets candidates for specific roles!
  • To send a campaign to a large set of contacts, assign your group of contacts a Contact Group Name (Defaulted to “First Campaign”) and select “Add Contact” - then contact Customer Success and we'll handle the rest.
    • The Contact Group Name is used to reference contacts that should be included in the same campaign. If I have a set of contacts I want to send a campaign to on April 10th, I might use “PALS Campaign April 10”


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Can I get candidate information back into my ATS, after sending a campaign?

Yes! We are working to add new integrations every day, but are currently fully integrated with Bullhorn and JobAdder. If you're on a different ATS that you think we should add, please let us know!

If you are a Bullhorn or JobAdder user, you can follow the steps below:

  • Follow the steps to send a campaign
  • Once the campaign is complete, go back to your ATS and open the Chrome extension window
  • Ensure you are logged into your ATS and viewing your candidate list, then select "Import Campaign to (Bullhorn or JobAdder)"
  • You'll receive a message stating "Imported X New Contacts to (Bullhorn or JobAdder)"
  • All of your contacts who completed the conversation will now include the information they entered in their profiles!