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Reactivate and re-engage candidates in your database to maximize retention.

Your candidate database needs a refresh. As your database grows over time, the candidate information ages and becomes less relevant. People get new jobs, move around the world, and earn larger salaries, but your database does not change, making it difficult to accurately understand and reach your talent pool.

Our PALS campaigns reinvigorate your database. We gather your candidates’ up-to-date information: Position, Availability, Location, Skills, and more. The beauty of RoboRecruiter is in the automation. We gather candidate information and update the database automatically, so recruiters can spend time connecting with the right candidates. Clear the cobwebs of your database and get started with a PALS campaign today.




Qualify candidates for jobs at speed and scale.

Narrowing the top of your recruitment funnel can be a pain. Recruiters call candidate after candidate to gather basic qualifications, location, availability - this low-value-add, repetitive process wastes all of our time. Why not skip the monotony and focus on the candidates that matter?

RoboRecruiter JobVet campaigns are designed to do exactly that - vet candidates for the requirements of a particular role. We screen for experience, skills, location, salary expectations - you name it. We optimize the candidate chatbot experience to help funnel your candidate pool and automatically create a shortlist of qualified candidates.

Our client Ryalto was able to save 57 recruitment hours and 14K in recruitment fees:

“RoboRecruiter provided us with a managed solution offering that allowed us to concentrate on our own project while providing us end-to-end recruitment services that saved our team valuable time w/o sacrificing candidate quality” - Chris Rauch - Chief Customer Officer- Ryalto



Customized Widgets

Don’t worry about distracting from your brand. The RoboRecruiter chatbot widget can be customized to align with your branding standards for a consistent user experience throughout the candidate journey. The chatbot banner color, logo, chat icon, font, display name, size/shape, and page position can all be redesigned to your established brand specifications.



On-Site Chatbots

Automate your inbound process.

Great candidates are not always easy to find. Sometimes, they will to come to us, and when that time comes, we need to be ready. We at RoboRecruiter believe that a strong inbound recruitment presence is essential to expanding your candidate pool. We help our clients set up on-site chatbots to help gather and assist inbound candidates in a variety of ways. Register candidates to your ATS, schedule calls with new leads, answer FAQ’s - the possibilities are endless. As candidates flow through different business areas or channels, we can route information to the appropriate team, making sure your website is working for you around the clock.

Take note from our client Max People:

“Our business now just became operational 24/7 between the outbound and inbound efforts of the chatbot, creating a pipeline a semi-qualified leads for our team to call during office hours....YTD, the RoboRecruiter website widget alone has generated 10% of our overall talent sources.”

- Tara Connon - Digital Marketing Specialist - Max People



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Scheduling candidate interviews should be easy, but it can be a headache. The back-and-forth coordination between recruiter and candidate.

RoboRecruiter is now integrated with Calendly directly within the chatbot experience. Not only can you save a huge amount of time by automating recruitment conversations, but you can now save even more time by auto-scheduling interviews or assessment center appointments. We work with our clients to design “knockout questions” that ensure only qualified candidates reach the point of scheduling, so recruiters only spend time speaking to qualified candidates.

In fact, one of our clients has just reported a reduction of 95% in the administrative cost of setting up telephone interviews and an 85% boost to the speed of the process using RoboRecruiter and our Calendly integration.



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Help the right candidates find the right job.

For candidates, sometimes finding the right job posting can be a challenge. Bad search matches, long lists of irrelevant roles - the experience leaves much to be desired. We wanted to fix this, so we partnered with Google to integrate JobDiscovery, all within the chatbot experience. With Google JobDiscovery, candidates can easily perform intelligent searches by location and keyword, all powered by Google’s machine learning and intelligent search algorithms. When candidates find jobs of interest, they can begin to apply via one click. We index your roles in real-time as they are published by your ATS, so they are immediately available for candidates to find via search. Filled jobs are automatically removed from the search pool as well. We can also publish any role to Google Jobs to be available in public search.



The valuable candidate information you gain from RoboRecruiter doesn’t end with our platform. We are integrated with select Applicant Tracking Systems such as Bullhorn and directly update the candidate profiles for those that interact with Robo. We work with your team to customize the way data returns to your system so that recruiters always have the information they need.

In addition to our ATS and Calendly integrations, we can connect to a variety of systems that use open APIs. For example, we can connect to Zapier and Google Sheets to automate reporting and data management with just a few clicks.

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Multi-Language Capabilities

With RoboRecruiter, you can connect with your candidates - no matter which language they speak.

RoboRecruiter supports full chatbot communication in nearly any language. Any of our core and bespoke solutions can be fully customized and translated to your audience. To go even further and include a broad range of potential regions and candidates, we can create multi-language conversations, where users can choose their preferred language of communication.