RoboRecruiter + Calendly: How automating your recruitment processes can supercharge your candidate pipeline and reduce your administration costs


What is recruitment and interview scheduling automation?

Automation takes away the mundane, boring and repetitive tasks that a recruiter dislikes and drains their time away from performing the more meaningful activity in their role.  Automation allows you to supercharge the top of your recruitment funnel at speed while still engaging candidates in a personal and meaningful way. 

65% of all online applications do not get any response and this is due to the sheer volume that recruiters have to deal with. However, with RoboRecruiter you can respond to 100% of your applications; immediately qualifying or disqualifying candidates against the role that you're recruiting for.  All of this using recruitment automation via RoboRecruiter. 

Not only can RoboRecruiter supercharge the application process but it can also help you automate the reengagement and reactivation of your candidate database surfacing placeable now talent insanely fast.


However, when a recruiter finds the perfect candidate for the role that they're recruiting for, the next stage in the process is to set up an interview, and this is a huge time drain on a recruiters day and week. 

RoboRecruiter wanted to look at how to automate this part of the process in order to continue offering innovative ways so that recruiters can give themselves time back in their week. When RoboRecruiter started investigating how to automate interview scheduling, rather than reinventing the wheel, we looked for the best platform with the best experience and found Calendly


After some engineering effort, RoboRecruiter was delighted to be able to offer the Calendly experience directly within its chatbot application. This means that, as soon as a candidate is surfaced who is relevant for the role being recruited, they can be invited to immediately book a time to discuss the role further or interview formerly. There's no time lost between when the candidates are found and when they can book a mutually convenient time to follow-up to discuss or interview. Using Calendly and RoboRecruiter together, a recruiter still has full control over their schedule and when candidates can book in with them, but they save a huge amount of time eliminating the back and forth scheduling nightmare that we have all become used to and dread. 

Mastering automated interview scheduling is one more piece in the Recruitment puzzle solved, reducing the time to hire.

Recruitment teams have started adopting automation and smarter ways of working, which makes the entire recruiting organisation much more efficient and incredibly cost-effective. 


How RoboRecruiter solved the scheduling nightmare for a recent graduate recruitment process

A recruitment team was receiving a high volume of applications for multiple places on their 2019 graduate training scheme. They needed to vet all applicants and present those that met the basic requirements back to the hiring manager. The recruitment team needed a solution which looked at the most effective method of contacting the applicants to book their first-round telephone interview.


RoboRecruiter designed a chatbot conversation that included qualifying the applicants against the role, whether they were still interested in the role, their year of graduation, and if they had the appropriate linguistic skills that the role required. The conversation script was designed by our specialist engagement consultants to prompt the applicants that met the criteria to schedule an interview using our embedded Calendly functionality. All applicants for the graduate training scheme received an invite to take part in a follow-up RoboRecruiter conversation.

A total of 1234 candidates were contacted by RoboRecruiter with 68% of these applicants taking part in our automated conversation. Of those applicants who showed an interest in the role 395 of them passed the vetting questions and book themselves in for a follow-up interview full stop

The results were incredible; 93% of the applicants who engaged with RoboRecruiter did so within 24 hours. approximately 150 recruiter hours were saved (19 working days), which resulted in a 95% saving in the costs associated with organising interviews. 

At RoboRecruiter we drink our own champagne

We wanted to find out whether automating the top of our inbound sales funnel delivered a similar value using RoboRecruiter as it does automating the top of the recruitment funnel. So it made sense to use RoboRecruiter within our own sales process.

Now, when a new sales prospect enquires on our website, they immediately receive an SMS from RoboRecruiter inviting them to take part in a sales qualification conversation.  At the end of that conversation, using our Calendly integration, the sales prospect is given the opportunity to book a meeting with the appropriate salesperson directly into their calendar.

This has changed the face of our sales process. Our sales representatives have been able to concentrate on bringing more prospects into the funnel and therefore, converting more prospects into customers more efficiently, in fact, quicker than ever before.  While doing so, the prospect has also experienced the applicant’s RoboRecruiter experience for themselves.

Automation is an obvious solution for those parts of the recruitment process that have the most time drain for recruiters. RoboRecruiter is at the forefront of recruitment automation and integrating with Calendly to provide our customers with another way to automate their processes has been nothing but a success.

If you want to see RoboRecruiter for yourself and take a look at how Calendly works seamlessly within RoboRecruiter, contact our sales team to schedule a demo today.