Rich, Real-time, Recruitment Data


The world these days is obsessed with data and rightfully so… having the right data at the right time can really change things. I mean if you have the right Powerball numbers before the drawing you would be really rich… well having the right candidate data can also be very rewarding.

Just imagine having the availability, skills, location, and salary data on every contact in your database right at your fingertips in real-time!! I mean all you would need to do is query your database and BOOM you would have a list of perfect job seekers, knowing where they live, how far they can commute, when they are available, and even how much they need to make! But unfortunately that isn’t how recruitment works today…

If you have a job to fill you may query your database but likely it would return 1000’s of candidates that all look the same. You don’t know who is available, you don’t know if they are in the same location as when they applied, you don’t understand their salary requirement and so your job becomes daunting and you do the next best thing… call Indeed, Zip, LinkedIn or maybe Monster and spend away.

What I would like is to have you imagine a world where all of your candidate data is available in real-time! You would know John’s skills, his salary requirements, maybe even his favorite color allowing your recruiters find him quickly and easily without having to go out and use a job posting service.

Once you open yourself up to this world you have entered the world of RoboRecruiter; a world where candidates and recruiters are in harmony working together to build careers, grow companies and save time. A world that is greener, where families are happier, employees love their jobs, and the stock market makes us all wealthy!

If you would like to live in this world please contact us today!


Angelo Zucaro has unique experience building startups including, and  His focus is identifying and bringing to market unique services that provide value to organizations around the global. Angelo lives and works from Westport, CT which is a suburb of New York city; he enjoys playing sports with his kids and investing in companies.