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Power Your Recruitment with WhatsApp + RoboRecruiter

Here at RoboRecruiter, outbound candidate engagement has always been a core focus of ours. We have made it easy to reach your candidates at scale via two simultaneous outbound channels, SMS and Email, reaching users at their preferred mobile or desktop devices. However, candidates are more and more frequently using additional platforms as a means to communicate over messaging, and we have taken note.You asked, we listened: we are excited to announce that RoboRecruiter is now enabled with WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides a third outbound channel through which you can reach your candidates, increasing your open rates and improving the candidate experience for any WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is extremely popular across the UK and Europe, and we are seeing increasing usage here in the US as well. Trust us, we can’t wait to better power your conversations and better serve some of WhatsApp’s 2.5+ billion users.

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Robo Pulse - Quickly Access Documents

Many of our clients use our document upload capabilities in addition to a standard question flow. This allows candidates to supplement their standard responses by attaching a CV/resume, or upload other files such as compliance or right-to-work documentation. These documents were previously accessible via our backend Dashboard, but our newest Robo Pulse update allows recruiters to access and download the uploaded files with one click.

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Powerful Robo Pulse Update

Here at RoboRecruiter, we are constantly striving to improve the speed and efficiency of our clients’ recruitment workflows. Today we are proud to announce one of our most exciting updates yet, a completely upgraded Robo Pulse. With this release, we have significantly enhanced the way recruiters can interact with candidates through a powerful and lightning-fast keyboard powered interface. 

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Robo Pulse Release Update

We are excited to announce a major release update to Robo Pulse which is now live. Robo Pulse - located via Dashboard > Robo Pulse - is our live and interactive dashboard that gives recruiters the ability to process recruitment data at 10x speed. With this new release, we introduce additional functionality to Pulse to further enhance the efficiency of your recruit workflow.

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Introducing RoboPulse

We at RoboRecruiter are constantly looking for ways to improve how our clients approach hiring at scale. When handling a large volume of candidates, how does your recruitment team process the incoming data? How do you decrease time-to-hire and strike while the iron is hot, while still giving individual candidates the attention they deserve? We solve this dilemma through our new beta offering, RoboPulse. With RoboPulse, we offer an interactive, true live view into the way your candidates interact with your RoboRecruiter campaigns.

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Candidate Re-Engagement

One of our core beliefs at RoboRecruiter is the importance of maintaining a healthy active database. We understand our clients’ candidate databases are essential to their businesses, but what happens to candidate data as it ages?

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Your Inbound Candidate Funnel

At RoboRecruiter, we specialize in increasing the value of your data. Through our outbound campaigns, we reach out to a subset of your database in order to get the most up-to-date candidate profile information. Although updating existing profiles provides great value and promotes intelligent hiring decisions, it is also important for recruiters to actively collect fresh candidates as well. We offer several creative ways to expand your candidate pool:

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Reporting Updates

At RoboRecruiter we are constantly looking for ways to improve the way our users interact with their data. We have always offered lightweight reporting capabilities in our dashboard, but we are now expanding our reporting functionality further so our clients can better understand and act upon the intelligence provided from RoboRecruiter campaigns. 

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Sending Intelligent job alerts with the automated communication engine

One of RoboRecruiter’s core values is keeping candidates engaged through the use of automation. Maintaining regular communication with your database builds a stronger relationship with your candidates and leads to higher engagement rates. This leads to a fresh and accurate database and better placement rates. We have recently launched our Automated Communication Engine to tailor our automated communication and better communicate with your candidate base.

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